• Caña de lomo

Caña de Lomo

Conozca un poco más la caña de lomo:

The Lomo is a sausage prepared with pork loin, fat-free exterior, spicy and subsequently enriched with natural pork tripe.

In the process of preparing the loin; it is put under salt for a few days, then the salt is removed through washing and allowed to drain for a couple of days.

It is then seasoned with a sauce made ??of garlic, paprika, oregano and olive oil. Finally everything is put in pork tripe, enlarged and hung to dry in a cool, dry place for at least two months..

When the meat for lomo comes from an Iberian pig, there is no difference with regard to the method manufacture.

However, the period of drying is longer with Iberian pork meat.

The Iberian pork loin should be eaten raw, thinly sliced ??and served as an appetizer, in sandwiches or in curious recipes.