• Jamón Ibérico

Jamón Ibérico

Conozca un poco mas sobre el Jamón Ibérico, así como los diferentes tipos de jamones ibéricos:

On the market are different categories of products, depending on the breed of the pig and the type of power that follows. Both factors contribute to the final result.

Considering the basic factors that affect the quality of the ham or shoulder, we present the following names:

Bellota. When the ham, shoulder or loin comes from a pig, which has been exclusively fed on acorns and grass from the pastures. The pig must reach a weight of about 46kg and the ham undergo’s the process of prosciutto for no less than 60days. The minimum age for slaughter is 14months.

Cebo de campo. Its power is based on food consisting mainly of cereals and pulses and completes its development with a minimum stay of 60 days in the country and enriches the diet with dedicated products. The minimum age for slaughter is 12 months.

Cebo. These pigs are raised in enclosed structures, they are fed up with products designed to achieve a weight of 117 kg per channel. Minimum slaughter age is no less than 10 months.